Kim James

Certified Birth Doula

Certified Childbirth Educator

Why Birth Doulas?

The efficacy of continuous labor support by a trained doula is well-studied and very clear:  When a woman's emotions are cared for during childbirth, her chances of good obstetrical outcomes for both her and her baby improve.


From the 2011 Cochrane Systematic Review of Continuous Support for Women During Childbirth, women who received continuous support were less likely than women who did not to:

  1. Report dissatisfaction or a negative rating of their experience.
  2. Have a baby with a low 5-minute Apgar score.
  3. Have any analgesia/anesthesia.
  4. Give birth with vacuum extraction or forceps.
  5. Give birth by cesarean.

The Value to You and Your Family

How do the scientific benefits of continuous labor support benefit you and your family?  It's simple. Happier, healthier women and babies equal happier, healthier families.


♦ Experience more joy and happiness

♦ Be healthier

♦ Make an easier transition to parenthood




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