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BirthWatch: Facebook App

Created by my husband and me, the BirthWatch pregnancy app for Facebook publishes pregnancy developments as status updates along with a pregnancy countdown ticker and periodic emails on getting the most out of pregnancy and getting ready for labor and birth.  We developed this app because we believe effective parenting is one of the best ways to improve the world, and parenting begins with pregnancy and birth.



Advertising Through BirthWatch

Option 1 is a great site to advertise your geographically confined, birth-related business (doula services, birth classes, lactation consulting, etc..) using Google AdWords.   By advertising on the web site instead of letting Google  choose which websites your ads will appear, you'll get a much more targeted audience (pregnant women) instead of using key words and Google's algorithms.  Here's how to set a Google AdWords account and select BirthWatch as the website you wish your ads to appear:

  • Setup an account with
  • Create a new advertising campaign and setup your ad how you like it
  • Go into “Reporting and Tools” and select “Placement Tool”.  Put into the Website box and click Search.  Check the box for and click “Add Placements” to add it to your campaign.

You can setup your budget per day and choose to target other networks such as Google search, specific keywords, geographies, etc.  That is all pretty standard AdWords stuff.  Or you can exclude all of that and make it so your ads only appear on


Washington residents:  Find out how many visitors to the BirthWatch website are from your city or town.


Option 2

We can advertise your business, product or classes to consumers who elect to receive weekly BirthWatch emails.  We can narrow the BirthWatch audience down to pregnant females by zip code and by week of pregnancy. 


If you have a business, product or class that is compatible with the the BirthWatch philosophy, please contact me to find out about advertising rates and the demographics of the BirthWatch audience.  Email me at


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