Kim James

Certified Birth Doula

Certified Childbirth Educator

Talks, Presentations and Workshops

I design presentations and workshops to meet the educational needs of any size group.  My talks:

  • Are fun and always relevant to your group's unique needs
  • Use learning tasks for maximum interactivity.  These are low lecture presentations and workshops.
  • Leave attendees with immediately useful skills and tools
  • Are approved for DONA International contact hours



Realistic Expectations:  2.67 DONA contact hours.

Help your clients increase their satisfaction through realistic expectations.  Increase your knowledge about what your clients expect, how to assess their knowledge and how to unconditionally support their decisions.  Length:  3 hours.

Evaluations:  Spokane, 2011, Vancouver BC, 2012


The Doula's Advocacy Role: 2.75 DONA contact hours

Increase your understanding of how a doula advocates for her clients' self-advocacy and practice the skills you need to stay within your DONA Scope of Practice. Learn the concepts that lead to the most satisfying childbirth experiences. Length: 2.5 hours

Evaluations: Vancouver, BC 2012


Marketing Your Doula Business (When No One Knows What A Doula Is): 1.5 DONA contact hours.

Learn how to effectively communicate and amplify the value of the doula's role in markets where doula care is uncommon or unknown.  This workshop shows you how to use basic components of the doula's role (physical comfort skills and advoacy) as education and marketing vehicles.

Evaluations: Spokane, 2011


Supporting the TOLAC/VBAC Clients in Your Community: 1.5 DONA contact hours

Understand the nuances of supporting the emotions and decision-making of your TOLAC/VBAC clients.  Lean how to increase your clients' chances of a satisfying outcome based on the accepted medical practices of your local area.

Evaluations:  Spokane, 2011


Supporting a Woman With An Induced Labor:  Understand the pitfalls and special considerations when supporting a woman whose labor is induced.

Length:  2.5 hours


The High-Tech Family:  Confidently support the woman whose labor requires more medical technology and surveillance through high-touch and big-heart techniques.

Length:  3 hours


Instructor Bias in Teaching Medical Interventions: February 25, 2013 Great Starts childbirth educator in-service.


Speaker's Fees Up to 3 hours Up to 6 hours

Greater Seattle-Area

(Within a 3 hour drive)

$300 $600
Outside of Seattle $500



Please add $25 for groups larger than 100.  Travel fees are in addition to speaker's fees.


Kim's speaker agreement.



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