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Class Participant Feedback

Her calm and relaxed manner made the class flow well and was enjoyable as well as informative.  I liked how at the beginning of each class, she had us choose which topics we wanted to spend the most time on.  August, 2012


I really liked Kim's teaching style.  I feel quite confident after taking these classes and I would also recommend it to my friends.  August, 2012


She has a wonderful sense of humor!  This made the series fun and I remember the material better because of it.  June, 2012.


This is one of the best classes and instructors I've had.  Kim as an excellent style that puts everyone at ease with sometimes uncomfortable subject matter.  The class was very well organized and very informative. March, 2012


Kim makes the unknown fun to learn about!  She fluently handles delicate topics with confidence and professional candor that draws even the quietest of class participants into discussion.  She encourages questions and makes great use of teaching aides to hold your attention.  June, 2011


Kim has a gift!  We could listen to her all day.  June, 2011


Very calming, soothing and knowledgeable.  Kim taught important information without freaking me out.  June, 2011


We wanted to say thanks for the class.  You were a GREAT teacher and your class really aided us in having the birth that we wanted.  It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it!!!!  So, THANKS!!! - December, 2010


Thanks again for a wonderful class! I was dreading going, but you made class interesting and fun. You kept me engaged throughout. - February, 2009


Your class was so deep down good for us. We are so glad we found you. - February, 2009


Kim was great -- An enthusiastic and engaging instructor.  I appreciated especially her efforts to make all viewpoints welcome and to provide extra information depending on the questions that came up in class (the web links and extra videos).


Excellent program!  The classes provided much need-to-know information.


This class was wonderful!  Kim is an excellent instructor with great resources.  Thanks!


All information was helpful, useful & practical.  We feel much better prepared, and well informed on all issues.


I loved this class.  It has been a godsend for both of us.  Watching and talking through birth videos, being able to ask questions throughout the class was really wonderful.  Being around and hearing other expectant parents was really eye-opening, even more so for my partner.


Kim is very friendly and receptive to questions and always enthusiastic.


I really enjoyed this class and learned a lot.  I felt I walked away with pertinent, usable info without feeling overwhelmed.


I thought the selection of topics covered in class and the time allotted to each were very appropriate, especially as there was a textbook to supplement and clarify, whose pertinent page numbers were cited for review. The multimodality (written, verbal, hands-on) coverage of pain coping techniques was particularly helpful, and I can't remember whether we practiced them in every subsequent class, but I would suggest that. great thorough coverage of stages of labor: keep the roadmap, the different paths, what the phases "look like," what is happening physiologically/biologically. great inclusion of visuals-- videos, pictures, objects, etc-- these were all very useful for desensitizing us for what we may encounter/experience/observe.


Kim was an excellent, excellent instructor, and we found ourselves discussing her strengths after every class. --She balanced great knowledgeability of the topics with a natural ability to engage us for close to 4 hours! --Her vibrant, unself-conscious personality helped us be less self-conscious in the classroom setting about getting into the world of labor, birth, mother-partner dynamics and communication, so that we did not waste time still getting comfortable. --As mentioned previously, her multi-modality teaching style helped in having the information reach everyone. So, having verbal and written (text and wipe-off board) info, pictures, videos and tactile/kinesthetic input, but also instances where (e.g.) she spontaneously acted out what the laboring mother looked like in a particular point in the process. --She respectfully answered all students' questions and concerns, while indicating with current evidence) the relevant importance of a given concern. I believe she was effective in answering the ongoing question in many people's minds of "How much time do I need to spend thinking about this (particular issue) ?" Other effective teaching techniques included posing questions to the class to get us thinking before she hand-delivered the information, quiz-show/discussion formats, thinking out loud as if she were the laboring woman/partner (role play, providing a script for us to tap into/recognize later)... We think she's spot on!


Kim was energetic, fun, knowledgeable and welcoming. We all felt comfortable asking questions and being ourselves in class. We missed her for the section that she wasn't there.


I think the most helpful parts were about the "what to expect" regarding the stages of labor, how one can deal with the pain, ways that your partner can help and be an active support, and just the encouragement that there isn't "one perfect way" - everyone is different and we were offered lots of different techniques and encouragement.


Very caring and informative. I trusted her opinions and she was good at showing what was opinion versus scientific studied information.


Kim was interesting, engaging, and knowledgeable. She struck a very good balance between staying on task/topic and being open to questions and dialogue. Kim did seem a bit biased toward low-intervention pain management (which I also tend to favor), but it may have made others who don't agree feel uncomfortable asking questions about epidurals, pain meds, etc.


I thought Kim was a great instructor - she is knowledgeable and seemed to be able to tailor her style to the different levels of understanding and knowledge. I also feel like she did a great job of being open and responsive to the different choices that couples were making re: pain medication, circumcision, etc.


She is very knowledgeable, well-organized, and obviously has had a lot of experience in the field of childbirth!  She is very kind, has a sense of humor, and is very reassuring.


Very good at remaining as objective and unbiased as possible, allowing each couple to make their own assessment and decisions.


Using her own personal experiences and the experiences she has gone through with others, she was able to focus on what was an important issue with each discussion. She's perfect!


Kim was very fun to learn from.  She was engaging and knowledgeable.


Class was great! Very informative great pace, easy to follow, never felt anyone was judged. Very impressed!


The classes were really great. I felt like Kim was extremely well-informed and up-to-date on any and all topics in class. She also was very enthusiastic, funny, and made class enjoyable and very comfortable.


The classes were VERY helpful and gave us a lot of info and answered many questions.


We LOVED this class.  Excellent instruction, videos, discussion.


The room was a bit small - setting on the floor and being able to see instructor difficult.


Very helpful. Thank you!


Good to see a variety of births on video.  This class was a great resource for the both of us!


Very Helpful!


Kim is Great!


Make it longer.


Very helpful and fun!


Thanks so much for lending us your videotapes and books. They helped us pass the time and we learned more than we thought we would.  Sorry to miss the rest of the classes - You’re great instructor!  -- Mother on Bed rest, 2005


Thanks for all of your help and support throughout my pregnancy.  Classes were great and I'm looking forward to the whole birth experience.

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