Kim James

Certified Birth Doula

Certified Childbirth Educator

Professional Training and Continuing Education

Date Training
02/2000 SHC Birth Advocacy Workshop
03/2000 Seattle Midwifery School Labor Support Course
04/2000 The Birth Ball Class
12/2000 PALS Doulas Birth Doula Certification
02/2001 Seattle Midwifery School Childbirth Educator Training
04/2001 Childbirth Education Association of Seattle (CEAS) Childbirth Educator Training
09/2001 CEAS Childbirth Educator Certification
09/2001 Advanced Doula Training: Cultural Diversity, Dystocia, Sexual Abuse
09/2002 CAPPA Lactation Educator Training
02/2003 REACHE Conference: Illusion of Choice in Childbirth
09/2003 Advanced Doula Training: The Rebozo Way/Spinning Babies
03/2004 REACHE Conference: Illusion of Choice in Childbirth
05/2004 Advanced Doula Training: Support of Cesarean Birth and VBAC
05/2005 ICEA Childbirth Educator Certification
06/2005 Advanced Doula Training: Use of TENS During Labor
10/2006 ICEA Conference: International 4-Day Conference
03/2007 REACHE Conference: Epidural Realities
01/2008 When Survivors Give Birth Workshop
02/2008 ACNM Washington Chapter: 10th Annual Update in Nurse Midwifery Conference
03/2008 Advanced Doula Training: When A Baby Dies-What to do?
04/2008 REACHE Conference: Exploring the Forces Behind the Cesarean Epidemic
07/2008 PESI Healthcare: High-Risk Obstetrics - Current Trends, Treatments & Issues
08/2008 Basics of Breastfeeding for Doulas
09/2008 Seattle Midwifery School Labor Support Course
10/2008 Midwives Association of Washington State Annual Conference
12/2008 Lamaze International Childbirth Educator Certification
01/2009 ICEA Childbirth Educator Re-Certification
03/2009 North Puget Sound Perinatal Education Consortium-40 hrs
03/2009 DONA International Birth Doula Certification
04/2009 REACHE Conference: Why Are We All So Afraid? The Impact of Fear and Risk on Birth
05/2009 Breastfeeding Beyond the Hospital Stay
06/2009 Advanced Doula Training: Working with VBAC Clients
09/2009 Advanced Doula Training: Using TENS During Labor
10/2009 DONA International Doula Trainer Training - 40 hours
10/2009 Prenatal Yoga Workshop - 17 hours
10/2009 Lamaze International Annual Conference
02/2010 Advanced Doula Training: Hypnobirthing Suport Techniques for Doulas
05/2010 MAWS (Midwives Association of Washington State) Conference: Birth in Balance
05/2010 Lamaze International Webinar: Birthing Ethics: What You Should Know About the Ethics of Childbirth
06/2010 DONA-Approved Birth Doula Trainer Certification
09/2010 Advanced Doula Training: Politics, Boundaries and Change
10/2010 A Day with Experts in Mother Baby Care - Northwest Hospital
10/2010 Cook Counter-pressure Technique by Lisa-Marie Sasaki Cook, RN, BSN, CD, CCE
02/2011 When Survivor's Give Birth
05/2011 MAWS (Midwives Association of Washington State) Conference: Ina May Gaskin, Penny Simkin, Sandy Szalay
05/2011 Northwest Doula Conference
05/2011 Lamaze International Webinar: Evidence-Based Practice
06/2011 Open Arms Doula Orientation
07/2011 2011 DONA International Conference: Boston, MA
10/2011 PESI Complicated Pregnancies Conference.  6 ICEA contact hours.
10/2011 PALS Mentor Training
11/2011 Advanced Doula Training:  Trauma Stewardship
01/2012 PALS Doulas Re-certification
03/2012 2012 REACHE Conference:  Birth, Baby Breast, Business:  What You Don't Already Know!  6.0 ICEA contact hours.
04/2012 NCAST Programs:  Promoting Maternal Mental Health During Prenancy Program.  12.0 contact hours.
08/2012 NACEF Conference:  Penny Simkin - Childbirth Education:  More Important Than Ever Before
04/2012 Rebozo:  Uses in Pregnancy and Birth
10/2012 Lamaze International Confernece in Nashville, TN
03/3013 Breastfeeding Beyond the Hospital Stay, 2013 Conference
03/2013 2013 REACHE Conference:  Just Passing Through:  Is It All About The Pelvis?  6.0 ICEA contact hours.
05/2013 2013 MAWS Spring Conference
05/2013 Powerful Prentals - DONA Continuing Education Contact Hours
09/2013 2013 DONA International Virtual Conference
06/2013 Inequity in Breastfeeding Support Summit:  The Impact Of Institutional Racism, Power and White Privilege on Breastfeeding Rates and Maternal-Infant Health.
10/2013 Lamaze International Conference in New Orleans, LA
11/2013 Massage and Acupressure for Labor and Birth (Leslie Stanger Touch for Birth)
01/2014 Beyond Birth Outcomes:  How Stress & Racism Impact the Generations
03/2014 2014 REACHE Conference:  Whose Birth Is It? Balancing Evidence, Expectation, Culture and Choice.
04/2014 Washington State Hospital Association-Partnership for Patients-Safe Table-Safe Deliveries
05/2014 SW Boise Doula Conference
09/2014 2014 Lamaze and DONA International Confluence Conference
09/2014 Working with Diverse Populations in Maternity and Child Health
10/2014 Undistrubing Birth:  The Sience and Wisdom.  Dr. Sarah Buckley
02/2015 Journey Through the Pelvis


Parent Trust for Washington Children - Great Starts Birth and Family Programs childbirth and family education instructor.

Bastry University - Instructor at the Simkin Cener for Allied Birth Vocations teaching the Birth Doula Skills Workshop.


Boards & Committees

DONA International Washington SPAR - Act as the DONA International state representative and information source for Washington doulas and Washington consumers.

Lamaze International Membership Committee - Promote new and renewing membership in Lamaze International.

Great Starts Education Committee - Review and edit the curriculum and objectives for all Great Starts Birth & Family Education classes.

REACHE Conference - The REACHE conference board offers an annual conference focused on continuing education for childbirth educators and other birth professionals in the Pacific Northwest.


Professional Memberships

PALS Doulas - A local doula membership organization.   

DONA International The premier international doula membership organization

International Childbirth Education Association - Freedom of choice based on knowledge of alternatives in family-centered maternity and newborn care.

Lamaze International -  Lamaze International envisions a world of confident women choosing normal birth.

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