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Certified Birth Doula

Certified Childbirth Educator

Great Starts Childbirth Educator Training

I teach the several sessions of the Great Starts Childbirth Educator Training workshops.  These dynamic workshops occur twice a year.   The next workshop is scheduled for:  April 2014.


Great tips for choosing a childbirth educator training workshop.


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I use this activity to teach the first stage of labor emotions and activities.


Help your students figure our their medical mind-set with the Groopman-Hartzband spectrums.


Learn how to make collaborative decisions with your health care provider by following the steps in this worksheet: Talking to Your Health Care Provider .



Events of Late Pregnancy: Script for the Events of Late Pregnancy Play (used with childbirth educators and doula trainees). Talking points for the events of late pregnancy (used in Lamaze classes with expecting families).


Assessing Obstetical Risk:  I use this obstetrical risk handout as a guide to help families understand the language their care providers use when discussing risk. This discussion happens during Class #5  of my Lamaze series at Parent Trust for Washington Children as a prelude to our discussion on medical interventions.  Assessing Obstetrical Risk Slides. Worksheet used during interventions discussions:  Using or Refusing Medical Interventions


Inductions: What Our Class Members Need to Know - See my 2008 presentation to the Great Starts childbirth instructors on understanding what consumers need to know about inducing labor.


Pain Medications: This is the 1.75 hour presentation I use to teach about pain and pain medications in the Great Starts childbirth educator training program (BTEP).


See my outline for the Great Starts Lamaze series, and 8-week, 16-hour class series.  This series started running in February, 2010. 


The Lamaze series evaulation measures class participants confidence pre- and post class.  See the class participant evaluations I use for this series.




Teeter-Totter Trade-Offs graphic.  Use when discussing benefits, risks, what you get and what you give up.


Fetal Monitoring Slides.  Graphics to use when you discuss the various types of fetal monitoring.


Teaching Decision-Making Skills

Decision-Making Skills Role Play Cards - Role play scenarios for real-life labor and delivery decision making.


Groopman Spectrums - Figure out your medical mind-set.


Talking To Your Health Care Provider - Great, collaborative language for communicating your needs and values.


Working at my desk..

Evaluation Summaries

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