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Great Breastfeeding Videos

How to Get Your Baby to Latch-On:  Ameda's excellent 5-minute video describing how to get your baby latched on comfortably.


Breast is Best Trailer:  A 7-minute trailer with excellent tips for using babies instincts to help baby latch correctly and comfortably.


Laid Back Breastfeeding:  This clips shows how a mother uses the biologically nurturing laid back position for breastfeeding her newborn. 


Excellent breastfeeding video clips from the Newman Breastfeeding Clinic and Institute - of all mannner of latching, drinking and problem solving.  Find your breastfeeding answers here.


Breastfeeding in the OR after a cesarean section - Yes you can!  I was dubious about the logistics of how this might work, but please read the blog entry and watch the video.  Special thanks to Teri Shilling and Sharon Muza for pushing this conversation forward.


Breast Crawl  - A seven minute video showing a neborn baby "crawling" to find mohter's breast and self-latch just moments after birth.


Lamaze International's Healthy Birth Practice #6:  Keep Your Baby With You After Birth - Find out why this crucial first step is often the key in successful postpartum breastfeeding.


Help for sore nipples - Excellent article by Dr. Sears.



Excellent Breastfeeding Websites

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